Blank Form (#3)
  • Introduction and Consent
  • Property Description
  • Ownership Information
  • Property Details
  • Financial Informations
  • Legal Compliance
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Tokenization Details
  • Technical Preference
  • Valuation
  • Management and Governance
  • Documentation Upload

Introduction and Consent


Property Description

Complete the form to register your property on your platform.

Ownership Information

Property Details


Financial informations

Financial Details


SPV Formation Intent

SPV Structure Preference

Purpose of SPV

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Awareness of Legal Requirements

AML and KYC Documentation Willingness

Tokenization Details

Fraction for Tokenization


Investor Target

Desired Token Features

Technical Preferences

Blockchain Ecosystem Knowledge

Digital Wallet and Trading

Financial Information and Valuation

Valuation Report

Funding Goals


Management and Governance

Post-Tokenization Management

Governance Structure Preferences

Documentation Upload

Required Documents

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