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Experience the future of property deals with PropertyGrid. The Real Estate Concierge Technology that adds Security, Transparency, and Liquidity. Join the Grid and let’s achieve your goals together

Join the future of real estate 4.0

Unlock the full potential of real estate tools to maximize your portfolio’s security and profitability with cutting-edge tech.

Property community

Learn and interact with realtor experts and deal maker professionals.

Property facts

Get more data on your property and understand your earning options.

Property monetization

Maximize your properties potential by making informed decisions on the future of your asset.

Take charge of your next step with PropertyGrid.

Your personal property platform where you can learn, build and grow.


Learn from experienced real estate experts about innovative real estate strategies and technologies to maximize your earning potential.


Get onto the grid to buy your home, sell your home or create generational wealth with innovative investment opportunities.


Expand your grid network with partnership requests, affiliate registrations, and refer grid access for a friend or partner.

Your personal property platform where you can learn, build and grow.

PropertyGrid is a real estate concierge technology that empowers you to add a layer of security, transparency, and liquidity to property deals.

  • Unlock legacy property earning power
  • Streamlined property transactions
  • Access to rapid liquidity
  • Secure your property rights
  • Education for real estate strategy & technology
  • Minimize time, cost and complexity of real estate
  • Multiple ways to monetize & invest in properties
  • Royalty rights in perpetuity

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