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Real Estate Reimagined:
Digitize, Optimize, Maximize

Building the tools to simplify the real estate industry and leverage untapped asset value.

PropertyGRID brings you a seamless experience with just a click.

Our platform transforms how you interact with your property, making complex tasks simple and accessible.

Easy buttons to help you achieve your property targets

Gain early access to the best opportunities and tools to find the most lucrative investments.

Our innovative blockchain technology allows you to sell real estate as fast as 3 days to one or multiple buyers for higher net revenue and retain fractional equity.

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Step into the future with PropertyGRID.

Your personal property platform
where you can learn, build and grow.

PropertyGrid is a real estate concierge technology that empowers you to add a layer of security, transparency, and liquidity to property ownership.

  • Unlock legacy property earning power
  • Streamlined property transactions
  • Access to rapid liquidity
  • Secure your property rights
  • Education for real estate strategy & technology
  • Minimize time, cost and complexity of real estate
  • Multiple ways to monetize & invest in properties
  • Royalty rights in perpetuity
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